Big Mini Rescue

While exploring and getting to know more about agriculture and raising livestock, I met several wonderful people who were willing to become my mentors. I learned very quickly that there are many people who care very much about animal welfare, but there are many more who do not. Slowly but surely I started becoming involved in “rescuing and rehoming” animals in need of better care. At first I leant my barn to a retired vet who with her friends rescued 4 ponies. Shortly after I took on a pregnant donkey and her 2 month old foal and not long after that came more and more and now we have run out of space. Nonetheless, myself, the volunteers, and many friends that have become fond of visiting Stella’s have a very profound desire to continue this work and more importantly to expand our mission. We would like to start a proper non-profit “4H club”, host events, teach others about the fundamentals of farming and the benefits of animal therapy. In future we would also like to raise funds to assist struggling farmers or pet owners who are experiencing financial hardship. Keeping families together is our goal.

Lastly, Kelly and I want to share with you and others in need the opportunity to experience the comfort and nourishment we have experienced from a pony snuggle and donkey kiss. We need each other to live a balanced life, to heal, and to be prepared for anything. Jack my 30 year old horse taught me that when I give a hug I get a hug and so much more.

If you share similar interests, values, dreams, or would like to become part of a community focused on healthy relationships please join us or offer a contribution.

Our most current rescues mini horses Shelton and Napoleon as well as the baby donkey we are expecting in May are looking forward to a beautiful relationship with you. The minis are currently in training to be used as therapy animals; both are already working on their manners and socialization skills.

The following items will be purchased with any funds collected:
Trailer (5k) – transport to nursing homes and other facilities .
Training (2k) – rescues need a bit more work, but deserve the special attention.
Vaccinations (1k)- required to interact with people in acute care settings.
Run in shelter (3k) – minis will need a specialized area to keep them healthy, they currently share space wtih naughty goats and lambs.
One more rescue for 2017 (1k) – this covers transport, vet visit, and auction fee.
Help spread the word!