Therapy Farm & Psychiatric Services

Stella’s Barn and Boarding, a therapeutic farm is the newest program launched by TL Valentine LLC. and Fiorella Paradisi LLC. Fiorella and her team of interns, therapeutic animals, as well as numerous colleagues from diverse clinical backgrounds provide a variety of holistic services. All providers blend evidence based clinically proven interventions with the natural intrinsic healing properties of the farm’s animals and space. Therapy includes observing, learning, and engaging in the processes involved in the cultivation and preparation of organic products as well as the cathartic activities required to run the farm. More often than not people come just to practice presence in nature or meditate on a bench

Services include the following:

Counseling: Individual, couples, and family therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Rates listed below are per session:

  • Medication Management $75.00
  • Initial Psychiatric Evaluation $175.00
  • Follow Up $135.00
  • Specialty Evaluations $150.00 (Clearance letters for surgery, immigration, court, etc.)
  • Psychotherapy $125.00
  • Group Therapy $25.00

Group Therapy: Therapy groups will be offered to reflect the needs of current clients. Groups are planned for children, adolescents and adults on such issues as anxiety, depression, stress management, grief and loss, recovery, etc.

Therapeutic Garden: The therapeutic garden is up and running. Members can enjoy the use of a plot of land in which they can grow the plants and vegetables of their choice.  Applications are available upon request.

Open Studio: Periodically we offer “open studio” events and days at the farm. At these events, people who have an interest in art, music, or literature can meet with like minded individuals to talk art, life and general issues while also displaying art techniques, art work and related items. Demonstrations are common.

Occupational Training: Training in farm based practices, medication, feeding, proper boarding techniques, animal behavior, business planning.

Passive Recreation and Hiking Trails: Enjoy the walks and exploration at the farm. There are plenty of nearby trails,  streams, a pond, wildlife, and various types of plants and trees. Nature that nurtures.

Farm-Based Internship: To include (once funds are raised for a well and septic which will allow for a kitchen) such topics as canning, jam and jelly making, pickling, preserving vegetables, cooking demonstrations and related topics.

Other future plans include a reading room/ library, raising animals, barbecues, and miscellaneous gatherings. Our goal is to provide a safe place for people in the community to meet and share knowledge. Please contact us if you have a program you would like to bring to the farm.