Fiorella is always very thankful to all the creative people who have shared their talents at the Ranch. Within the barn, lodge, and group space as well as throughout the flower beds, forest, and grasslands you can find the marvelous improvements the volunteers have offered Fiorella and all the animals. Volunteers have come from different backgrounds, with different skill sets, but all leave with a common understanding of  love, generosity, camaraderie, bravery, resilience, innovation, persistance and strength. Join them and Fiorella in their challenging journey to make an already beautiful part of mother nature an even more amazing and inspirational space. We are looking for help with a variety of projects. We are also always willing to take any donation or items that will benefit the animals or their care.

Animal Care

      • Stall clean up
      • Feeding
      • Egg collecting
      • Washing
      • Grooming


        • Maintain flower and vegetable gardens.
        • Start a Community Garden and take home the fruits of your labor.
        • Group room in process – need electrician, handy man, someone to help us frame out a wall.
        • Barn – maintain hardware, tidy tack room, paint barn exterior.
        • Fences – check and mend wood, add chicken wire.
        • Assemble Basic Fire pit for story time!
        • Help build a bear proof Goat house!

Therapeutic Individual, Group, and Family Activities

      • Story telling, art therapy group, tours and narration.
      • Licensed individuals are welcome to come network or moderate a group.

Students can intern! We are looking for photography, videography, therapy, vet techs, agriculture, medical, psychiatric, or social work interns seeking a fun and educational experience.